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Geri Halliwell 'puts intense Russell Brand romance on the back burner

Things have reportedly been hotting up between the two after they hit if off at the Olympics closing ceremony last month. However, their blossoming romance has apparently progressed a little too quickly for Ginger Spice, who is struggling to keep up with the quirky funnyman. Earlier in the week, Brand, 37, was spotted turning up at Geri's north London home with a DVD of Alan Bennett’s ­Talking Heads.And according to reports, Brand's overwhelming intelligence and intense spirituality does not sit well with the 40-year-old songstress.'Things are already cooling off,' a source told The Mirror. 

Russell’s way into very intense spiritual readings that are just too much, even for Geri. He is way too intense, full stop. He turned up with Talking Heads... it went straight over Geri’s head.'I don’t think she really fancies him, she’s just enjoying the ­attention. It will be yoga, sex and fizz, but it won’t last the distance. He’s off back to LA soon and she’s not planning on going with him.'The insider went on to say that Russell has been Geri's perfect pick-me-up following the recent Spice Girls reunion.Geri hoped her performance with the Spice Girls at the Olympics would open doors but it hasn’t. Russell’s taken her mind off it all,' the source explained. After the 90s girl group belted out a Wannabe/Spice Up Your Life medley at the Olympic Park on August 12, Brand - who was once married to Wide Awake singer Katy Perry - exposed himself as a closet Spice Girls fan.He told Metro afterwards: 'I’ve got Spice-mania again now. I’m obsessed with them. It’s like 1996 all over again.

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