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Most Popular Hollywood Actresses In 2015 .

Hollywood is the world of movies that allow women to have the chance for exhibiting the skills in acting and gain good fame. Hollywood movies have got audience all over the world and so acting in a Hollywood movie can make you popular all over the world. There are so many individuals who have made their life through this movie biz. If the individuals get some good and popular movies then their whole life can be changed. The Hollywood actresses are the ones whom are most talked about all over the world. People always admire them and would always love to know about them.

Being popular in Hollywood is indeed a huge thing as there are innumerable actors and actresses out there. Many of the actresses who have come to Hollywood for making their career are so beautiful and talented. Getting the right opportunities and utilizing them is all about the luck and also the skills that they have which make them unique. Here are some of such popular Hollywood actresses who have really got so much of fame due to their talent and also hot and sexy looks. These are the ladies who are going to reign the whole world this year 2015.

Monica Bellucci :

Monica Bellucci is a popular Hollywood actress who was born in the year 1964. She is an Italian and also a renowned fashion model. This beautiful and talented actress was born in Umbria of Italy and she was grown up in San Giustino. She is the only child or Pasquale Bellucci and also Brunella Briganti. She began modeling at the age of 13 and she entered into the movies and acting career in the year of 1990s.

Megan Fox :

Megan Fox is the popular American model and actress. She was born in the year of 1986. She entered into the acting career by 2001 by doing some good roles in movies and television series. Confessions of a Teenage drama queen is the first film that she did in her career. She even did great role in the movie transformers. Jennifer’s body is another movie that gave her fantastic opportunity for showcasing her talents. She is considered as modern sex symbols of females. She has made her appearance in magazines like FHM, rolling stone and Maxim.

Jennifer Lawrence :

She is a popular American actress who took birth in the year of 1990. She did her first role in the TBS sitcom names “The Bill Engvail Show” She even made appearances in the independent drama films which include winter’s bone, Burning Plain etc. Silver Linings Playbook is the movie that gave chance for acting with all the skills that she has. She won Oscar, academy award and also golden globe for best actress. American Hustle a popular movie that really gave a great break.

Charlize Theron :

She is a popular South African actress who was born in the year 1975. She is popular as fashion model, producer and also as actress. She became popular with the awesome roles that she got in the movies Mighty Joe Young and The Devil’s Advocate. The Cider House Rules is another popular movie that she has done. She has done great role in the movie monster in which she performed the role of serial killer. She has also got guild award, golden globe and also academy award for her awesome acting skills. She was born in South Africa as the only child of Charles Theron and Gerda. She was brought up in the place and then later on she moved to US for her acting career when she changed her accent to American.

Jessica Alba :

This beautiful actress of Hollywood was born in the year 1981. She is popular as businesswomen, model and also a popular actress. She appeared in movies and television from the age of thirteen. She has done many of the popular movies that include Honey, sin city, good luck chuck, fantastic dour and also into the blue. She is also popularly known as sex symbol due to het hot and appealing appearance. She has really done great roles in many movies and also has won many awards for her awesome acting skills.

Kate Beckinsale :

Kate Beckinsale is the popular Hollywood actress who was born in the year 1973. She is English by origin. Much Ado About Nothing is her debit movies. She had experience in acting with the various television series that she has done. She made her appearance in various British costume dramas that include Golden bowl. Emma, Cold Comfort Farm, Prince of Jutland. She made starring roles in various movies like war film Pearl harbor and also romantic comedy Serendipity. Aviator has also become a great success in her career.

Natalie Portman :

Natalie Portman is the lady who was an American born in Israel. Leon: The professional is her debut movie. She became popular when she got casted for Star wars prequel trilogy. She got enrolled in to Harvard University as a student of psychology but also was continuing her career as actress. It was in the year 2003 that she completed graduation. She has also won many academy awards for her great performance.

 Mila Kunis :

This awesome and beautiful actress took birth in the year 1983. She reached Los Angeles from USSR in the year of 1991 when she seven. She joined in acting classes as an extra curriculum activity.

Angelina Jolie :

Angelina Jolie is the popular American actress and also a filmmaker. She has got many awards as best actress for her awesome roles. She is the most paid actress of Hollywood. She has worked for humanitarian causes and she has worked for the refugees. Jolie is becoming one of Hollywood’s best marquee names, having starred in films like Wanted , Mr .and Mrs, Smith, Salt and also Changeling. She’s additionally directed the film In the Land of Blood and Honey, which is coupled with actor Brad Pitt.

Scarlett Johansson :

She is the most popular Hollywood actress and is popular also as singer and model. “North” is her debut movie. She had done amazing roles in the movies under the skin, the avengers, captain America, black dahlia, and the prestige and so on. She is also popularly known as hot and sexy actress of Hollywood.


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